Orca safari from Sørkjosen/Reisafjord

On 1 November, we started the orca safari season from Sørkjosen/Reisafjord in Nord-Troms. And here they are!

Since 1995, Lofoten Experiences has collaborated with marine biologist Tiu Similä. Tiu started a long-term study on orcas in northern Norway in 1986, which resulted in a doctorate in orca behavioral ecology in 1997, as well as two other doctorates, four master’s and three bachelor’s studies. She is still closely associated with orca research and collaborates with researchers all over the world.

Tiu helped establish Norway’s first whale tourism in the Andenes and also worked with the development of orca tourism in Tysfjord. She is now with us here in Sørkjosen/Reisafjord and gives lectures about orcas in connection with the daily trips we arrange.